Cost Segregation


About The Process

Hello from Cost Segregation Planner. My name is Rebecca and I will be assisting you as together, we work through the tax related details of your investment property and determine exactly how much benefit you will receive by utilizing a cost segregation strategy. So, let’s get started shall we? Now if your nervous about this process because there is math involved, don’t be. In much the same way that makes TurboTax so easy, our technology experts an in-house CPA’s have already built in the necessary mathematical functionality into Cost Segregation Planner, so that our task is really nothing more than gathering some data and entering it at specific steps in the process. To be sure you’ll need to know a few things like the values and figures associated with your property, but I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to plan your cost segregation strategy, so you’ll know exactly what to expect in the future.